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111 North E St. ~ Tacoma, 98403
Athletic Office: (253) 571-3108
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Asst. Dist Athletic Director: DAndre Montgomery
District Athletic Director: James Neil
Athletic Director: Melissa Hayes
Athletic Coordinator: Lisa McLaughlin

WIAA Academic Recognition Spring 2017-18
Apr 27, 2018 4:19 PM

The following teams earned WIAA recognition for a team GPA above 3.0

JV Baseball - 3.51

Cheer - 3.72

Fastpitch - 3.07

C-Team Boys Soccer - 3.24

JV Boys Soccer - 3.27

Varsity Boys Soccer - 3.20

Girls Tennis - 3.45

Boys Track & Field - 3.21

Girls Track & Field - 3.41

And we'd like to include our Club Sports too!!

Boys Lacrosse - 3.24

Girls Lacrosse - 3.26

JV Girls Waterpolo - 3.14

Varsity Girls Waterpolo - 3.61

Congratulations Tigers!!

2018 - 2019 Start Dates
Apr 27, 2018 3:27 PM

August 15


August 20

Cross Country - Golf - Volleyball - Swimming (GS) - Soccer (GS) - Tennis (BS) - Water Polo (BS)

October 29

Bowling (GS)

November 12

Basketball - Swimming (BS) - Wrestling

February 25

Baseball - Fastpitch - Lacrosse - Soccer (BS) - Tennis (GS) - Track & Field - Water Polo (GS)

National Signing Day!
Feb 8, 2018 2:16 PM

Congratulations to the Stadium athletes who signed commitments on 2.7.18!

Danielle Freshwaters - Cross Country for McAllister University

Dylan Hartman - Football for Simon Fraser University

Tyler Oliver - Football for Simon Fraser University

Che Rogers - Football for Princeton University

Hunter Wendling - Football for Drake University

Kendall Burks - Soccer for Cal State-Bakersfield

Meghann McLaughlin - Swimming for Bellermine University

WIAA Academic Recognition Fall - Winter 2017-18
Feb 8, 2018 12:10 PM

The following teams earned WIAA recognition for having team grade point averages above 3.0

Cheer - Winter 3.645

Basketball - Girls Varsity 3.300

Swimming - Boys 3.324

Cheer - Fall 3.537

Cross Country - Boys Varsity 3.220

Cross Country - Girls Varsity 3.644

Golf - Boys Varsity 3.149

Golf - Girls Varsity 3.646

Soccer - Girls Varsity 3.399

Soccer - Girls JV 3.321

Swimming & Dive - Girls Varsity 3.357

Tennis - Boys Varsity 3.441

Volleyball - Girls C Team 3.375

Volleyball - Girls JV 3.267

Volleball - Girls Varsity 3.095


Tacoma School District WINTER Academic Eligibility & Grade Check
Nov 15, 2017 2:00 PM

Please see chart attached below.

Post Attachments2017-18TPSWinterEligibilityChart.pdf
Tacoma School District FALL Academic Eligibility and Grade Check
Jul 6, 2017 12:38 PM

Fall Sport Eligibility is determinded by the prior semester GPA (June report card). Those athletes that did not reach academic standards will be on probation for 5 weeks. We will check grades on Friday September 22. Students must earn a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average with no more than one E. Students who are on academic suspension and do not earn the minimum marks will be ineligible for the remainder of the semester.

Students who are currently eligible and do not maintain the minimum grades on September 22, will be on academic probation. This means they are ineligible for competition until minimum grades are earned.

Post Attachments2017FallEligibilityChart.pdf
Post AttachmentsProtectHighSchoolEligibility.pdf
Concussion Protocols / Return to Play
Jul 6, 2017 1:01 PM

Please contact Lauren Roberts, Stadium's Athletic Trainer. for more information regarding protocols and return to play rules.


Post AttachmentsConcussion Information
Post AttachmentsReturn To Play
Post AttachmentsRTP Protocol
Pierce County League Ticket Policy
Sep 4, 2017 8:50 PM

Admission is charged for ALL Pierce County League contests (including JV and C team contests) starting after 5 PM.

  • Adults and students w/o ASB - $6
  • Visiting (Non-Tacoma School District) students, middle school students w/ASB, senior citizens (62 and over) and military ID - $4
  • Home (Tacoma School District) students with/ASB and elementary students - FREE
TSD Student Online Registration Information
Nov 15, 2017 2:03 PM

To get started, here’s the basic need-to-know:

Here is the link: http://www.tacoma.k12.wa.us/information/departments/StudentLife/Pages/Athletics-Activities.aspx

  • Parent/Guardians or adult children visit the webpage and click the large “REGISTER ONLINE” button. You will be prompted to enter the parent HAC login and password. A student HAC login and password will not be processed. Parents who know their HAC login and password will then be presented with a menu that allows them to choose the child they are registering and will auto-fill in most of the basic demographic information for them.
  • The online registration will walk you through the entire registration process, replacing the need to collect paper copies of the following:
    • Athletic registration form
    • Emergency Card information form
    • Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness form
    • Informed Consent form
    • Athletic contract
    • Electronic acknowledgement of the above will replace the formal signatures that are required on the paper forms. Individuals completing the registration process will not be able to proceed without completing all fields, filling in all information and signing off an all forms.
  • Please be sure to enter all the sports that your son or daughter anticipate playing during the 2017-18 School year.
  • Student-athletes will still need to turn in a paper copy of the new physical form and pay for their ASB fees in person.
  • Once all information is submitted, reviewed and approved by the AD/secretary, the student-athlete registration is then uploaded automatically to eSchoolPLUS where the athlete is placed directly on the team signed up for. REGISTRATION PROCESSING TAKES 24 HOURS. Please do not wait until the last minute or you will have to wait an extra day.
Sport Physical Information
Jul 6, 2017 12:17 PM

A student participating in sports at Stadium must have a completed valid physical form on file in the athletic office before he/she will be allowed to participate. Completed physical forms can be scanned and sent to MHayes@Tacoma.K12.WA.US or FAX to 571-3112.

The Tacoma School District recognizes a physical as valid for 13 months from the date of the physical exam, unless otherwise limited by physician.

If you use a different form please be sure that it includes language that specifically says the student is cleared for sports.

Foreign Exchange Students. Physicals from your home country will be recognized provide the form includes language that you are cleared to participate in sports.

*Some providers use a Preparticipaton Physical Evaluation. This particular form does not include language that clears the student for sports. Please ask the Doctor/ARNP to write in the language that states the student is cleared for sports.

Post AttachmentsPhysicalForm.pdf
ASB Purchase / Information
Jul 6, 2017 1:03 PM

All of our athletic programs are part of the Stadium Associated Student Body. A student must purchase an ASB card before he/she can be cleared for sports. The cost is $30.00 and can be purchased at the Stadium Business office, 253-571-3102.

The money collected funds student activities at Stadium including our athletic budget.

Transfer Students
Jul 17, 2017 12:57 PM

After registering with, attending, or participating at another high school or changing enrollment to/from another school district to Tacoma/Stadium causes you to be a Transfer Student.

Transfer students are ineligible for varisty competition for one calendar year unless the transfer is based on a bona fide change of residence which includes an actual physical relocation of and with the entire family unit.

There are other circumstances that may apply. Please contact the athletic director.

A student who is a transfer student may appeal his or her eligibility if there is a hardship. Please contact the athletic director.

Post Attachments17-18WCD3StudentEligibilityPacket.pdf
Post AttachmentsStudentResidenceEligibilityExpectations.pdf
Foreign Exchange Students
Jul 6, 2017 12:43 PM

Once you are successfully enrolled at Stadium and your host parents have a HAC login and password please register online. You will follow the directions for TSD online registration and please read the Sport Physcial information.

Complete the packet and submit to the athletic director.

Post AttachmentsInternationalExchangeStudent.pdf
Home School / Private School Registration Information
Jul 6, 2017 12:37 PM

Please download all the forms and complete. Please bring the forms to the Stadium athletic office along with your physical form and purchase an ASB from our Stadium business office. The cost for the ASB is 30.00.

Post AttachmentsAthleticregistration-HighSchool.pdf
Post AttachmentsHomeBasedContract.pdf
Running Start Students
Jul 6, 2017 12:30 PM

Stadium Running Start students are eligible to participate in sports at Stadium. Please download and complete the WIAA Contract for Running Start students and return to the athletic director.

Post Attachments2017-18RunningStartContract.pdf

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